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As previously stated, Scituate is full of whiny assholes. Also potheads. Alot of poser ass nikkas who substitute the word nigger with the word nikka, so their whiny ass peers dont call them a racist. Most scituate middle schoolers love to pick fights on facebook, but will never approach you in person. Highschoolers love to talk all gangster whilist they study for their A+'s. The girls are all sluts. Scituate is basically divided into 3 groups, the first being white students trying a little too hard to be ghetto, the second being hipsters trying a little too hard to be different and the third would be potheads trying a little too hard to be have that 'stoner' look. The school system sucks, and scituate is a pretty diverse WHITE town. meaning you will see all types of freaks, goths, jocks, nerds, stoners, scene, emo preps, rednecks, and dumbasses. The students body is divided into social class as follows: 60% middle class, 20% lower class, 20% upper class. Scituate is a boring town, where not much happens in person. Everyone in scituate LOVES to hide behind a computer.
First Example:
Facebook -
Scituate Kid = Eyy fuckkerrr donttt sayy shitttt tooo myyy bitchh;; nikka.

Me: Learn to spell you illiterate fuck. I said "hi" to your 'girl.'

Scituate Kid = Ughhh i can spelllll bitchhhhh, stfuu before i kick your ass.

Me: Okay kid, whatever. Ill fight you, where you want to meet?

Scituate Kid = Ummmmm...... Nvm I got madddd shit to do mannnn too bussyyy.

Me: Okay tomorrow, town square at 5.

Scituate Kid = My mommm wont take meeeee.

Me: Fuck you.

Scituate Kid = My moms looking at the screen, dont swear please. dont hurt me! bye. (i want your cock)

Me: Uh. Bye? (WTF)
by Your Mom < 3 July 28, 2010

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