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1. Is a Goidelic (Irish or Scottish Gaelic) masculine given name. It translates as “red king”. Its Gaelic pronunciation is 'roo-ree' or 'roo-ah-ree', with emphasis on the first syllable. In English, it is typically pronounced as Rory or Roo-ray.

2. The most amazing, beautiful, incredible, passionate, sexy, opinionated, feisty, loyal, committed, ‘introverted’, trustworthy, sincere, hardworking, interesting, unique, adventurous, happy, creative special, accepting, spakky, crazy, free-spirited, protective, outgoing, hilarious, wild, winkable, sexable, caring, talented, indulgent, friendly, self-less, mature, charming, inappropriate, imaginative, open-minded, irresistible, charismatic, “cute”, seductive, cheeky, warm, tolerant, humble, strong, courageous, irreplaceable, smart, sensitive, compassionate, understanding, brave, whipped, health conscious, martial arts and nudity obsessed, thrill-seeking, dare-devilling, interpretive dancing, life loving, skyrim playing, trouble-making, extremely distracting, little-light shining, skype-a-holic, one-of-kind, religion hating, under-thinking, studded-belt collector, punk rocker and social anarchist who is perfect and a total sex god!

3. My lover
Happy 17th Birthday Ruairi! ❤ ❤ ❤
by Your Kat February 07, 2012

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