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Jasper Hale is a character in the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer. He is a vampire that can also feel or make others feel emotions. Jasper lives with the Cullen family, including his soul mate Alice Cullen, and his "twin" sister Rosalie Hale.

Being the newest member of the Cullen convent he has the most problem sticking to their "vegetarian", or more non-human, eating style.

Contrary to popular belief many girls would much rather fuck him then the critically acclaimed Edward Cullen who thinks he's all that in a bag of fucking potato chips.
Girl 1: Omg I'm going to have to Kill Bella for Edward.

Girl 2: Who cares about Edward? Jasper Hale is soooo much hotter and interesting! *giggle*

Girl 1: It doesn't bother you that if you cut your finger he will drink you dry?

Boy: Why the hell are you obsessing over fictional characters?

Girls: ...

*Boy was found dead 3 days later*
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by Your Favorite Aries March 22, 2008
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