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One of the best shows on TV. First broadcasted in 1997. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The show has 4 main characters. Stan Marsh, Kyle Brofloski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McKormick. They are four eight-year-old boys that live in South Park Colorado. Stan, is often considered the main character. He is really a typical American boy and does things and is in situations that many people can relate to. Kyle is Stan's best friend and is the only Jewish boy in South Park. Eric (usually called Cartman) could also be considered the main character. He is the racist one of the group that has a weight problem and is possibly psychopathic. Kenny is the character that usually dies in every episode and is the poor one of the group. He wears a hooded coat, which prevents you from ever seeing his face. The show usually makes fun of controversial events, politics, famous people, fads, and everyday life. There are currently more than one-hundred episodes, and two movies.
Mike- Man South Park is so damn funny.

Nick- So true
by Your Biological Father August 14, 2009
People on XBOX live or PS3 who go online and kill their own teammates for a good laugh. But it is highly looked down upon by those who take the game too serious.
Joe- Fuck this is the third time i've been killed by that guy, fucking teamkillers.

Steve- Dude its only a game.
by Your Biological Father July 29, 2009
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