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A so-called news channel that has the tendency to use their news alert sounder frequently on stories that don't warrant it, all in the name of fear-mongering and ratings.
(news sounder)"This is a Fox News Alert...at this hour President Bush has passed a turd in the Oval Office...."

(news sounder)"This is a Fox News Alert...Britney Spears has announced today that her marriage to Kevin Federline has ended..."

(news sounder) "This is a Fox News Alert...we just wanted to see if you were paying attention...BOO!!!"
by Your Ad Here November 12, 2006
A now-default program on MTV that showed alternative/modern rock videos that didn't fit MTV's regular playlist. Was eventually moved to MTV-2, but was canceled and replaced by Subterrain.
Hey, did you see that new Radiohead video on 120 Minutes? That was trippin!!!
by Your Ad Here November 12, 2006
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