40 definitions by Your Mother

school subject. relatively useless.
"i did geography for the 6 years of high school, and still don't know anything about my own country!"
by your mother January 25, 2004
Bellevue Youth Theatre. Fun Place To hangout, due to the possibility that a hot guy walking in at any minute.
Hey Guys, wanna meat up at BYT after school to go guy-watching?
by Your mother May 05, 2005
see Satan (he's a big fag)
any leftwing extremists (see Satan)
by your mother March 16, 2005
a complete and uter twat, or a person who is unable to say exactly where/who he came from.
richard u cumshot,
u poor cumshot,
by your mother March 26, 2005
1. God Damn Independent
2. Gay Douche Idiot
1. Damn GDI wont even join a frat!

2. Holy crap! That fag's such a GDI. Why doesnt he SKL all over my TDR?!
by Your Mother March 17, 2005

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