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the skin on your elbow.
also an innuendoor joke to make another person thing they mean something else that a male has but not a female
girl: can i pull your wenis

boy: sure you can pull my penis
by your mother May 07, 2005
see also spadoinkal! exclaimation of surprise, at something impressive. always accompanied by an exclamation mark. made popular by tv series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
girl (having seen something really cool, yet surprising): Spadoinkal!!
by your mother January 24, 2004
A Skidmore College student
by your mother April 16, 2003
A homosexual French-Canadian that enjoys getting rammed up the ass.
Man, that guy looks like such a Lotis.
by Your Mother July 20, 2003
Ugly pants.
Damn Laura look at Alex's 'boobirds'!
by your mother April 16, 2003
Soccer maniac...wondering why...well..i know!!..he has an obsession with balls around him. Friend of pedophile and helps in the process. Checks out guy's asses during the superbowl. Wannabe gangsta...tries to rape people but fails...not good enough.Little girls walk away...not interested.
Hey guys look humberto is coming!!...hide little girl...now!
by Your mother February 08, 2005
A smelly piece of poo... also happens to like your mother

That primeape smells really bad.
by Your mother January 06, 2005

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