40 definitions by Your Mother

One who enjoys fecal matter in conjunction with sexual pleasure.
Stefan enjoys eating Ron's shit.
by your mother August 24, 2003
a word to be said three times at once.
3 guys at once: "jitterness!?"
by your mother March 16, 2003
some wannabe wigga hohoho
this ghetto supreme faggot is a wannabe.
by your mother December 29, 2004
To squeeze between one's ass cheeks.
Smat it up!
by your mother June 01, 2003
Your father after 5 quarts of whiskey
Your fathwer the homotard came on to me at the party.
by Your Mother February 07, 2003
noun: a white person; similar to jigsie
What's up jegro.
by Your mother January 01, 2004
Gimmick pop band with no talent that capitalizes off of conformist teens that enjoy crappy music.
Goth-wannabees listen to Slipknot.
by Your Mother July 20, 2003

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