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Store where rebellious teenieboppers max out mommy's credit cards and call themselves either "punk" "emo" or "goth".
I bought my cool in the mall.
by Your Mother July 20, 2003
Noun - used to describe a crazy ass person that's off their rocker, or any one you feel like.
Damn, bitch, Dylan is such a junglefacko, he loves the cock!
by Your Mother June 05, 2003
A reference to the internet or AIM. It sounds stupid to intelligent people.
I was talking to him on the online. I had sex with him on the online. My online broke, I can't get on the online.
by your mother April 16, 2003
The offspring which results from the mating of a male zebra and female pony, especially Shetland pony --> think My Little Pony(*) w/out all the glitter and glam. Similar to ponebra
The zoo director was upset that the new intern allowed the male zebras to enter the pony section of the petting zoo, creating many baby zebronies later in the year.
by Your mother April 12, 2005
A picked pitched harmonic on an electric guitar. Or drop in pitched harmonic.
The guitarist from killswitch engage pops out some nice screngos
by your mother November 18, 2003
Jeep CJ-8, the hottest jeep ever
Limited Edition made from 1981 - 1986
Like CJ-7 but longer body and wheelbase
Look at that Scrambler, that guy is a pimp
by Your mother October 01, 2003
A fucking faggot who chokes on his dads phallus every pay-day in order to celebrate that they could afford some spam.
You are such a klman which means your gay! Muahah! pwned
by Your mother April 25, 2003
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