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A block of average American action cartoons and butchered anime on cartoon Network. Hosted by a robot named Tom who thinks he is really cool.
Toonami is dead.
by Your mom January 13, 2004
Short for background props. Placing oneself in the background of another person's picture, usually striking some strange pose or making some other gesture, unbeknownst to the subjects or the photographer.
Look at this random guy getting his BGPs in your picture!
by Your mom January 17, 2005
a)definition for men. fun to watch. hey we cant help it.

b)definition for wemon. a sexual act between two wemon consistiing of oragisim, rug licking, titiy slapping, titity sucking, and the nasty fisting. sorry you had to her that but hey it happens.

c) my definition for wemon. if you ever fell like doing this. let me film. :)
The hot lesbian sex mad the girls back away and the guys get a special feeling.
by your mom February 16, 2005

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