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a spherical house
(From American Dad)
Roger: Well, my good man, when i was little, me and my family lived in a *Roundhouse kick* ROUNDHOUSE! and we bred a donkey who we named *donkey punch* DONKEYPUNCH!
by your best idiot April 15, 2010
A peice of shit usic player that has Pros (Positives) and Cons (Negatives)
Positives -

You get to listen to favourite tracks
You become liked by your freinds, and stop saying Lucky to a person that has one
Can hold up to a gajillion songs
Smooth design, fits right into your pocket
Negatives -

Ass-poor battery life
Costs a lot
A popular MOCKERY subject
Owned by the Pwned
Used by assholes
Money Waster
Life Degrader

And it ALL comes back to you. buy an mp3 player for gods sake, Apple is ripping you off, if you want an Ipod, only to be ripped off, Live with it, you fucked person. go have buttseckz with some shithead, 'cuz that's what's like to have a broken Ipod

And i'm telling it like it is
by your best idiot April 10, 2010
some shit holiday where one guy can zing another by saying something they made up, followed by the event, followed by the saying "Happy april FOOL's day!" followed by the occasional Jajaja. Events can range from: a delayed laugh, to a truth, to someone literally dying
Commitment, Commitment issues, bad choices, and April Fool's Days are the main causes of breakups, besides, i don't have any good material
by your best idiot April 07, 2010
a term that speaks for itself
Dude, Pwnage is pretty much self-explanatory
by your best idiot April 04, 2010
To use your legs to launch you off the ground, used to reach higher places
I can jump 2 feet into the air, then i kick my legs around. like Luigi
by your best idiot March 28, 2010
Means: One hit from a Bong will send you through a massive trip
Dude 1: Some wealthy person gave me a bong and said "One toot on this whistle will send you to a far away land"
Dude 2: did you follow his instructions?
Dude 1: Oh yeah, i went on a MASSIVE trip
by your best idiot April 26, 2010
an emphatic form of Ya, meaning Yes or You
Tcha digg?
by your best idiot April 12, 2010

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