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1: The best ape you'll ever know! a Monkey repesentaion of Roy Koopa

2: To do a girl from behind, but, when she is about to orgasm, smash a big barrel on her head, making the orgasm better and instantly

3: to be strong enough for the biggest bully to surrender to a teabag
1: DK: Two words. BANANA! SLAMMA!
King K Rool: AAHH!

Diddy: *mumbles* this trick is going to make my day!
Dixie: Here it, ungh, comes!
Diddy: DONKEY KONG! *smashes a barrel* I AM THE MASTA! WHOOOO!


DK: Hey, you!
Bully: Hey, U.O.I! Pay up:
DK: You must know this! BANANA SLAMMA!
*T-Bags the Bully*
by your best idiot April 05, 2010
A misspelling/mispronunciation of Crusher, OR! The big, blue dumbass from Donkey Kong Country
Krusha: D... Does this mean i can stay up late?
Me: WAIT! PAUSE! Did Krusha just say a child's question, WHEN HE'S FUCKING NOT!!
by your best idiot April 04, 2010
1) Larry Koopa, known cheater

2) the act of Larrying (cheating and getting away with it)

3) a guy who goes nuts and gives away answers to the next exam

in udda words, a guy who cheats and will let others cheat
1) Larry's castle is full of deathtraps, fucking cheater

2) I just got through a test and nobody knew i Larried

by your best idiot March 05, 2010
A very weird where you shout (though it can be omitted) ULTIMATUM!!! and explain 2-4 scenarios, all have to be humiliating and/or violent.
Jake: Yo, man, i got this cool game! it's called Ultimatum! IT'S AWESOME!

Dan: Hey dude, Explain the rules!

Jake: no. Let's play! Didds, you start!

Diddy: K, Jake, will you: 1: take a long piss with the door open, 2: take the oath of ignorance, 3: go nuts for the week, and 4: smash sum priceless thing"

Jake: Woah, that's a tough one, choice... 1

Diddy: then you have to take the next piss with the door open

Jake: WHAT!?! People will see my ding dong!

Brenda: You Picked your fate! and you will have to do it once.

Diddy: And i forgot, it has to happen at a party, when LOTS of people are around
by your best idiot April 05, 2010
1: to act like you're a military general with success or failure, but had NO training what-so-fucking-ever

2: the green, idiotic lizard from Donkey Kong Country
Guy 1: Soldier, give me 30 pushups, maggot!
Guy 2: Why ME?!
Guy 1: don't give me crap like that!
Guy 3: Have you had military training? Ever?
Guy 1: No, s' shut up
Guy 3: What a Klump!

Klump: Uh, yeah, um, uh, uh, String. Him. UP!
Me: What a dope, 5 tries to get him back on track
by your best idiot April 05, 2010
1: Eating more than daily levels
2: Eating less than daily levels
1: Gluttony
2: Bulimia
that's Eating disorder fer u
by your best idiot April 17, 2010
Tourettes Guy, who else?
by your best idiot March 22, 2010

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