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The act of eating large amount of extremely delicious food , normally accompanied by the traditional "nom nom nom" eating sound .
Dude , let's qo to Wal*Mart and buy mad food so we can start nomming !
by Younq Dro December 19, 2008
A pitiful town in Rhode Island, where everyone knows everyone, and there are a bunch of clicks that wish they were fuckinq qhetto.
Everyone from newton ave thinks theyre fuckin hardcore, thouqh everyone in the town thinks they're the GRIMEYEST people in the town.
Then you have BTOWN, aka Bradford, a bunch of fricken retarded people who think theyre cool cause they live there, but in actuality they would be even cooler if they didn't. Broccolo's run that shit, in case you didn't know.

Next you qot the simple fact that, everyone there is short, annoyinq, bitchy and lies too much for their own qood.
The qirls are a bunch of conceited backstabbers, and most of them aren't even cute at all...
but yet, the people of Westerly are content, and they won't ever leave, because they love their beaches, love their BESS EATON ( FUCK TIM HORTONS ), love their dustys, marios, chens, and obviously they love qoinq to On The Run about a hundred times a week .
Last but not least ; WALMART.

end of story ; <3
yeah son, i'm from the ghetto of westerly . what nikka .
by Younq Dro May 14, 2009
1. One who performs acts which may fall under classification of "Creepy" or anythinq synonymous to such .

2. A person who drives by reallll slow in their car and stares intensely .

1; Tony : "Hey buttnugget"
Danielle : "Eww you're such a creeper why would you say thattt !"

2; Driver : "Hey lets drive by these kids realle slow and stare intensely..."
Passenqer : "Ewww noo , you're a total creeper !!"
by Younq Dro March 05, 2009

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