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Small town in McKean County. Really small with a population of somewhere around 860. 99% of the population is white with the rest being mostly Native American. More than a third of the population is less than 24 years old. Everyone knows everyone in Eldred. If someone is racing on the interstate and gets his license taken, the whole town knows about it by the next morning. Drunk nights and poker parties are held every other night. Small town, big drama. The local outdoor icecream shops are the usual hang out spots during the afternoon. The highschool is fused with the neighboring town's as the otto-eldred highschool. Show choir is apparently taken very seriously here.
"Who's that asian with Amber? In Eldred?!"
by Youngmahn Moon May 16, 2006
County seat of Cameron County in Pennsylvania. With a population of roughly 2500, the streets of Emporium are well lit and with happy faces. On sunny days, at around 3:30PM-4:00PM, the streets of downtown Emporium are swarmed with teenage girls and their children. Apparently, the teenage pregnancy rates here are unusually high. Maybe as high as the teenagers hanging out behind the local bowling alley. Elks are seen roaming around freely every once in a while.
Emporium has the prettiest girls I've ever seen.
by Youngmahn Moon May 16, 2006
Small city in McKean County in Pennsylvania. One of the few places on the northeast where redneck jokes apply to the people. One can see snow in the middle of April and drastic temperature changes than towns only half an hour away. Bradford is famous for its unforgiving weather and as the home town of the Zippo lighter. Life in Bradford is so boring that hanging out in Walmart is fun. Bradford is also home of one of the branch campuses of the University of Pittsburgh. The roads are full of potholes and usually covered with snow. Mullets and overalls are the usual fashion all year round. There are more shopping carts than cars on driveways. The weekends are occupied by parties from fraternities and sororities from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.
Bradford is where one can experience the redneck lifestyle without leaving the northeast.
by Youngmahn Moon May 04, 2006
Small city in the North of Pennsylvania. A couple of hours South of Buffalo, NY and roughly four hours north of Pittsburgh. Home of the Zippo lighter and famous for its unforgiving weather. Roads with potholes are plentiful and so is snow in mid April. The lack of things to do in this town make Walmart a social hotspot for teenagers. Numerous bars get filled with University of Pittsburgh at Bradford students. Redneck jokes apply to most of the people living in Bradford.
Bradford is so boring!
by Youngmahn Moon May 08, 2006

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