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Where you have a schedule to take care of different llamas.
Grazer: Ok, according to the chronollama chart, first Bob, then Pete, then my wife.. I mean...

Bitch. Lol.
by YoungVigil75 May 22, 2009
A group of many people you want to nut check
Me: Man that guy is really getting on my nerves... He's going on my nut checklist
by YoungVigil75 May 22, 2009
The only part of Chuck Norris' name you can say aloud before he roundhouse kicks your ass back to the Stone Age.
Innocent Bystander: Holy crap! It's Chuck N-

Deep-Voiced Announcer: UN-FREAKIN'-BELIEVABLE!!
by YoungVigil75 May 22, 2009

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