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A Hangin Dangler occurs when an injury occurs to a long bone. A long bone is a bone that is longer than its width. When the long bone is fractured or shattered and an individual undergoes movement on that long bone and the outter extremity past the fracture hangs or dangles down thus making a hangin dangler.
I was walking to class and I saw this guy get mantulo-ed on his bike and he had a nasty hangin dangler!
by YoungKebbles September 15, 2010
The act of getting hit by a vehicle preferably a Truck
did you see that guy get mantulo-ed on campus the other day?
by youngkebbles September 06, 2010
When Barb calls it is simply another name for the act of vomiting, puking, upchucking, barfing, throwing up and the many other names.
Barbs call originated in Indiana. It occurred when a young boy told him mother in the morning that he had barfed last night, and in response the mother mistaken his statement that "barb had called last night". So you better hope you don't get barbs call anytime soon!
Last Night I went out to the bars with my buddy for his bachelor party, regardless to say we went a little to hard and barb called me that night i didn't feel too good in the morning.
by YoungKebbles September 15, 2010

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