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The Jesus of Lizards. Long ago in a mystical land filled with unicorns and Zaxby's chicken franchise there lived a lizard with unusual powers. This particular lizard could lick twice an hour as opposed to the other lizards at the time whom were only capable of licking once per week. This lizard was soon relicked and worshiped among the community of fellow lizards. These lizards then enslaved a race of monkeys to construct temples that would please the Lizard Jesus. Lizard Jesus scale covered hide is now found on modern day cans of SoBe.
"Lick." Lizard 001

"Lick. Lick." Lizard Jesus
#lizard #jesus #bible #zaxby's #licking #sobe #powers
by YoungJohnsSon December 18, 2011
A sick and disgusting creature who is often overweight and stores dried pizza and hotdogs under his/her breasts. Filthy Lummoxs' live in small caves underground or in Section 8 homes in America. They live off disability and roam the garbage dumpsters for leftovers (that is, if they are capable of rolling there in the first place.) Everyone that has visited the home of a filthy lummox dissappears. The Lummoxs' caves smell of feces and rotten sewage.
"Wonder where Sally went to, maybe to go see that Filthy Lummox down the street." -Jimbo

"You must mean Rosie o' Donnells house!" laughed Terri
#filthy #lummox #sick #feces #sewage #breasts #disability #rosie #donnell
by YoungJohnsSon December 18, 2011
A German word in origin, in English meaning Bra.
"Don't forget your bra!" Sandy's Mother

"Mom I don't want my chest keepfromfloppin!" Sandy
#boobs #bra #german #keepfromfloppin #keep #tits #girls
by YoungJohnsSon December 18, 2011
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