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12 definitions by Young Sween

1. A derogatory term for a mentally retarded person.
2. Someone who likes to delve in the vagina area for extended periods.
1. "Look at that unfortunate Clunge Monkey in the wheelchair over there".
2. "That guys breath smells like fish... He's a definite Clunge Monkey".
by Young Sween January 25, 2009
1. Getting so much pussy it's unbelievable.
2. A way to describe any household task. Your personal preference in Snatch (pussy) will determine how you feel about the particular task.
1. "Dude, last night was absolutely Snatchtacular!"
"Lucky then?"
2. "I fucking love hoovering, it's Snatchtacular at this time in the morning"
by Young Sween January 25, 2009
While masturbating, proceed to snap your banjo string.
*eyes widen* "Owwwwwwww SHIT!"
"What's up baby?"
"I think I just Ripped Shandy right then..."
by Young Sween January 25, 2009
To describe something that has been done to a high degree.
"Dude, that girl is looking for as much free dick as Ten Bears"
by Young Sween January 25, 2009
An absolute turn of events. Once classified as a Cowdrill, there is no turning back, whatever the locals tell you. Intense hatred and suffering befalls the Cowdrill.
1st Guy: I heard there was some sort of plague coming our way in the Summer....
2nd Guy: Yeah, I heard that as well, I really hope the government don't classify it as a Cowdrill...
1st Guy: Yeah, that would suck...
by Young Sween January 27, 2009
To manually stimulate a female to such an extent that the sound of fingers on vagina wall are heard.
"Man, bitch was wet last night! Makin' some fresh noises"
"Roof Tap?"
by Young Sween January 25, 2009
When a'caning a bitch, proceed 'accidentally' slip your shaft thusly into ones anus. A phallic shift.
"Maaannnnnn, last night was so fucking funny, taking Janice from behind... I JUST HAD TO SKREEP HER!"
"Did she twitch like a crackhead?"
"Most definitely"
by Young Sween January 25, 2009