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The slang for Vancouver City.
A city located on the West Coast of Canada and near Seattle of Washington State. It is a living paradise, nice weather (not too cold, not too humid or hot, but sometimes snows at winters), the best weed you'll ever find in North America, and the people there crave hockey.
Man, this weekend me and my homeboi are gona drive all the way from LA to Vancity and hit up with some quality weed.
by Young Stash September 25, 2006
Slang term for the city of Toronto, CA.
I'm holding a party near Mega City this week.
by Young Stash September 17, 2006
1. It is a slang for a penis that is usually thick in appearance and short in length.
2. IT does not mean that one's penis width is larger than it's length. BECAUSE ITS IMPOSSIBLE! YOU ILLITERATE IMBECILS.
Damn, my long foreskin and my afro pubic hair makes me look like I have a choad.
by Young Stash September 25, 2006

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