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A person who constantly spams groups on social networking groups such as Beebo, Myspace, FaceBook etc with stuff such as the IHATELUCY, IHATEHELEN or PAYBAYBACKTIMEJANE links

Most of the time the Spamwanker will get a torrent of abuse from the other group members on all levels of nastyness depending on the group they invade on

one particular group have a wall of shame whereby the Spamwankers photo is photoshoped to an amusing picture depicting the spamwanker as to what they have spammed.

another name for a spammer is a Spamtwunt (Please look up Twunt for definition)
by Young Bolt June 19, 2010
Beat the X-Factor finalist Joe whats his face to the Xmas No1 spot in 2009, all thanks to Jon and Tracey Morters epic Facebook campaign to get their best known song "Killing in the Name" to No1 in the Xmas charts.

As a big thankyou they put a free gig at Finsbury park in London June 6th 2010 with support acts such as The Gallows, Roots Manuva and Gogol Bordello.

The gig it'self was awesome and Rage handed over a cheque for over £130,000 from all their Xmas sales to Shelter, a charity for the homless which the Facebook campaign also raised over £100,000 for as well
by Young Bolt June 20, 2010

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