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from the word 'fluke'. to flukens is to one-up, disrespect, or publicly shut down someone or a group of people.
for example, if you had a public debate in which you stuffed a fool so completely that he could say nothing and all of his points of validity are utterly destroyed, you have officially flukens him. this term cannot be used like 'fluke you' or anything like that, the word is flukens. all forms of the word (past, future, etc) are all flukens, not flukensed or fluked.
George bush flukens the whole world!

You flukens me!

When we play halo i flukens you with teabags.
by Young Beastly March 07, 2009
A Shotgun. Specifically a pump shotgun such as a 870 or a 500. derived from the term "Shotty McDougal" which was coined by members of the 82nd Airborne Infantry Division while in Iraq in 2007-8. the term was shortened to McDougal when it was brought back to the US's west coast. can be spelled 'McDoogle' or 'MacDougal' but never 'MacDoogle'. this term applies ONLY to pump shotguns. break barrel shotguns, both under-over and side-by-side, have been dubbed 'Shotty McCracken' due to the influence of the word McDougal.
I got that bitch with a McDougal to the cranium!
by Young Beastly March 04, 2009

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