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An area of Sacramento which has the reputation for being the most dangerous. With violence, drugs, and prostitution rapid in Oak Park, SacPD is on every corner (it seems). It is located just north of South Sacramento. The turning point between Oak Park and South Sac is debatable, but most natives can recognize it. Made up of mostly African-Americans and Latinos, Oak Park has been ignored by the city for quite some time. Only recently have city officials approved money for small redevelopment. Some 50-60 years ago, Sacramento's Oak Park consisted predominately of Caucasians. As crime grew in the central city (downtown), people of ethnic backgrounds began flocking to the less populated areas which in that time was Oak Park. Over the years, African-Americans became the majority due to the growth of the population of African-Americans in Sacramento and the movement of Caucasians to the suburbs, thus we have the current Oak Park. There are many gangs in Oak Park, but most people there refer to themselves as an "O.P.G.", meaning Oak Park gangster. It is a mixed urban/suburban area, but for the most part very busy. Some say it has gotten better since the 90's, while others say it has gotten worse. There is no doubt that Oak Park will be Sacramento's thorn for quite some time.
"I was born and raised in Oak Park"
by Young B March 03, 2006

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