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someone you use to think for you, even if the work is so easy any ass-hat can do it
crzygosu87: or just like ONLY the highlighted?
oOTonyBaloneyOo: eveyrthing
oOTonyBaloneyOo: highlited
crzygosu87: lets say like...
crzygosu87: el/la agente wusnt highlighted
crzygosu87: then she wouldnt ask about that?
oOTonyBaloneyOo: i gues not
crzygosu87: o ok..
oOTonyBaloneyOo: ...
oOTonyBaloneyOo: ur weird
crzygosu87: you onyl studied da highlighted parts?
oOTonyBaloneyOo: yes johny
oOTonyBaloneyOo: he asked the same question 3 times in different ways
YoungTheOld1: hahahahahahh
by Young'un September 14, 2004

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