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A gang from an extremely amusing movie called "Snitch'd". The synopsis is as follows:

When the South Side Gang and the Cut Throat Mafia start a drug war at a local high school in Santa Ana, CA detective McClure goes undercover to investigate the brutal murder of a young Latina student. The gang members are the key suspects but nobody is talking. And as McClure continues to dig for answers, it becomes clear that the two gangs are fighting for territory - and nobody is getting in their way.

The cover shows a huge spic thug with a gun, however the movie itself is just terrible.
cut throat mafia: yo you got the drugs essa?
viewers: umm, how to the drug dealers not notice the narc hiding under a few newspapers on a table RIGHT NEXT TO THEM?!?!?
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
a female cop, i.e. has absolutely no power
female cop: freeze
dude: fuck you vag badge *walks away*
female cop: *shoots him*
dude: weakling...
by Young Reezie January 31, 2008
An insult or a greeting amongst friends. Stands for penis wrinkle or a fold of skin on the penis.
D-Howe: hey peen wrink
B: wtf
P: you neard!
by Young Reezie January 29, 2008
Fruit of the Loom, a white man's type of boxer shorts, bland color and waistband.
White man: i need more boxers honey, get me FOTL
White man's wife: ok dear
by Young Reezie April 17, 2008
Short form for "heil" from "heil Hitler". Used by troublemakers to greet one another in a hilarious fashion while hiding the fact they're paying homage to Hitler, and getting their asses kicked.
H: hut hut
K: wow...
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
A small useless animal used primarily by real men as bait while hunting for crocodiles and fending off hordes of demons.
Used often by gay men as pets, who care and feed them, and occasionally have sex with them.
Homosexual: I have a chia pet
Lumberjack: fuck you *cleaves homo in two*
by Young Reezie January 23, 2008
An extremely entertaining action done by an annoying individual to a victim. Involves shaping ones' hand into a spoon-like shape and jabbing the fingertips of the spoon into someones unprotected armpit as hard as you can and yelling SCOOPS!!!
Properly pronounced skuu-ps.
J: owww, you dislocated my arm you asshole...
by Young Reezie January 29, 2008

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