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The best way to describe this is "The Man".
Some people have used D V D.
I prefer "F*CKING AMAZING!".

If something is amazing it's "Bartleman", or you can use "Bartle" for short.

(Similar to how Nick Swardson says "Party")
What kind of beer is that?
It's BartleBeer (or bartle-beer).

Dude that guy is AWESOME!
Yea he's "Bartleman".

Yea it's bartle.
#bartle #bartleman #bartlebeer #beer #awesome
by YouNeek1 February 05, 2008
Low-Carb Energy Beer!

Bartlebeer was invented by Rick Bartleman. It is the greatest beer in the world. It's not currently available to the public, but will be soon.
Listen to all the happy people cheer, they are excited now that they have BartleBeer! When you want to start late, and end early. Don't want your gut to become all burly. Don't mix something in your beer, that will spoil it. You will just end up all night at the toilet! Keep your body happy, and let the world hear. WE ALL LOVE, BARTLEBEER!
#bartlebeer #bartle-beer #bartle beer #bartleman #low carb #energy beer
by YouNeek1 February 07, 2008
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