1 definition by YouKnowWho56

the most perfect GIRL in the world. she's amazingly sweet and really nice, and she's hot too. she can put a smile on anybodys face. she's so pretty and cute and adorable. she's really lovable. she makes people better people. she'll be there by your side and stick up for the people she loves. she's gorgeous and boost peoples confidence. she'll make you non-embarrassed and keep your secrets. she's trustworthy and in love with a cool guy.; she's soo amazing and its easy to fall in love with her. she's hot,pretty,beautiful,gorgeous. gah, there arnt enough words to describe her. well, lets just say, im in love with her(:
person: woah, do you know kristian?

me: yeah, im in love with her

person: LUCKY

me: yeah, she's my everything(: we're perfect for each otherr.
by YouKnowWho56 May 22, 2011

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