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1) Said to you when you lose a physical/verbal fight.
2) Being made fun of
3) another word for beign "owned" or "served"
"Dude I so jsut paved you!"
"Jesus Fuck man, you got me good!"
by you wish you knew July 28, 2004
1. Someone who chases poon, A straight male.
2. A vulgar name for a straight male who is extreamly insecure about his manhood.
1. Look at that guy chase that poon.
2. Man hes a fucking poonchaser.
by You Wish You Knew March 16, 2004
Said to phsycologically make you itch something thats not there.
"It iches doesnt it?"
by you wish you knew July 28, 2004
Said when something good or sweet happens between two people.
"Hey ____, we have a 720!"
by you wish you knew July 28, 2004
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