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Twihaters seem more obsessed with the Twilight saga than 'Twihards' themselves. They put all thier energy into hating this saga that they actually forget their point. They hate Edward because he is described as beautiful. Really guys? COME ON. It seems Twihaters are the ones who are obsessed here, so obsessed with hating a bunch of books for no apparent reason. And why carry on reading ALL FOUR BOOKS, when the first one 'was a piece of shit'.
It seems like hating twilight has become a hobby now. Yeahh.. and people who like twilight are obsessed..

Find another hobby yeah? Instead of slagging off 'a terrible piece of literature' sitting in your dark room at your computer desk searching for other things to hate because you have no social life.

Seriously go fuck yourselves and your harry-potter-butt-sex friends. Maybe that will give you something else to do. Another hobby maybe?

If you really hate twilight so much ,IGNORE IT! And stop going on about it! If you hated it so much you wouldn't keep obsessing over how 'shit' it is. You would just IGNORE it. Thats what i do with things i hate- not fucking obsess over them.

Admit it. The real reason you hate twilight is because girls think a fictional character is better than you.

You like Jane Austen so much? Get the fuck away from twilight and go read it then. Get your fix of good literature.
Guy1: Hey! Isn't Twilight a piece of shit!? People keep going on about that EDWARD guy ughh.

Guy2: I totally know what you mean, im going to go back to my mothers house, raid my fridge, sit my fat arse back at my computer desk, and complain about it to people online because i have absolutley no social life and i am jealous that a fictional character can get some, and i can't.

Guy1: Me too! It's not as if i have anything else to do in my shitty square pathetic world. Obsessing over how shit twilight is, is now my hobby! Yay! Im totally a selfproclaimed Twihater now.

Guy2: And afterwards lets go have butt sex with harry potter. Have you seen his sexy wand?

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