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Incredibly beautiful girl who is also very sweet and nice to everyone
I'm with huggabuggabirdy, aren't I lucky
by You Know Who February 18, 2004
derived from polish, meaning to cook hamburger helper, a female
Now that I know everything, she can start being a smussywix.
by You Know Who January 23, 2003
To kiss somebody using tongues
'I bet you won't go with her!'
by you know who March 20, 2005
Someone very special, funny, smart when wants to be, and very easily to be and to give love.
My one and only, Phillip Davenport.
by You know who April 26, 2005
The first word to come out of the mouth of a person who has just smoked a particularly intoxicating amount of marijuana.
puff, puff "Snarbles!" laughter
by You know who July 28, 2004
The only good guy on the face of this earth. He is not only cute, but funny, sweet, and talented. He is going to be a professional snowboarder. I love you.
Further Info See-Sexy
by You know who December 04, 2003
A song by the band The Eagles.

~Describes how much goes on in a single minute in New York.

~A great deal happening in a short period of time.
You couldn't get all that done, even in a new york minute.
by You Know Who December 10, 2003

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