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the most beautiful girl in the world
karin is a fuckin goddess
by you know who November 02, 2003
the most fuckin retarded school in the world!!
crater is lamer!
by you know who May 28, 2004
One of the greatest left arm fast bowlers cricket history has seen
The only personto have taken over 400 wickets in both departments of the game

He has over 500 wickets in ODIs

by You know Who March 06, 2003
a sexy sexy red head who makes everyone laugh and is a hella good senator at sidwell.
I wish that I could be Smoser!

She wishes that she could be as cool as Smoser.
by you know who November 07, 2004
when you're black on the outside, and white on the inside.
Kenny Dalen
by you know who September 08, 2003
1) An individual who plays games with swastikas, but quite intelligent.

2) A person possessed by jungle fever
The local neo-Nazis recruited several folks from tbhe local town, many of whom readily espoused their joshist views.
by you know who May 07, 2004
When one has 2 balls, then are separated into 4.
Richie is a coggler,therefore,he has 4 sparate balls and likes to feel on them constantly.
by You Know Who September 25, 2003

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