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An Internet group which trolls MySpace and other social networking websites looking for pictures and references of people acting foolishly or engaging in embarrassing activities and them sends the collected material to the profile owner's employers, college professors, and anyone else they can figure out associates with the profile owner in an effort to ruin reputations. Also known as OpSchen for short.
Operation Schenectady just got Brenda fired because they sent her MySpace drinking pictures to her boss at the law firm!

I don't know who started Operation Schenectady, but it was probably some asshole with too much time on their hands who was rejected in life and can't spend their free time masturbating to online porn like the rest of us. What a douche!

OpSchen is not a good "option!"
1. A dog's penis; what a manly dog places in his girlfriend to make furry dog pups
2. An asshole, idiot, fool, douchebag, or prick
1. The dog mounted his bitch, inserted his dognis, and began to thrust
2. Dude, don't be a dognis!

**Don't you ever touch my dog's 'nis!**
When a homosexual male gives birth (by taking a dump) after being rectally impregnated by his boyfriend. This is a joyous moment in a faggot’s life.
Who says that gays can never have children? They can with some sex and a faggot poop.
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