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A town where emo kids rule, "ghetto" (i use qoutations marks becuase the only ghetto in easton is behind the Easton Village store, where all the druggies get their fix)and there are more white kids than a Blink 182 concert. In fact, white kids make up about 95% of the population. The only asian kids are either wiggers or..well, wiggers. Definined by small roads, nice cars, druggies, emo kids, and nothing to do (which is why there are so many druggies). But im Sure as hell not saying all the kids are druggies...just most of them. Kids that arent preps or emo are far and few between. People wearing over 200 dollars worth of clothes at one time is not uncommon, and niether are having taxes that cost more than some inner city houses. Games of public 'ruit is not unusual. Hell, the PTA may even sponser a game now and then. By 7th grade, many kids can down an entire bottle of vodka without even flinching. Dont get me wrong, its a beatiful town..that is, if you dont get smashed on your way into town by an Escalade going a buck twenty on a road that could be mistaken for a paved hiking path.
"Wow, that medow seems sure pretty, minus the smashed beer bottles and the eleven passed out middle schoolers! Arent you glad we moved to easton?"
by You May Know Me June 07, 2006
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