22 definitions by You Know

A term for a muslim, usually used in a hateful manner.
Damn Mueslix blew up my car.
by You know September 10, 2004
Derogatory term for a scared little mousey girl who is continuously fucking that kid, you know his name, but pretending they only "hung out once"
"April is such a fuckling. You know she's boning that chinese doucher"
by you know March 23, 2004
See You Know}
Person 1 wins at video game, then taunts the loser with a big fat "You are aware!!!"
by You Know March 02, 2003
1. A complete homosexual whose testicles resemble raisins.
2. A complete loser whose only date in life will be his right hand.
3. David Reid, synonymous with definitions 1 and 2.
Wazzdakka lives in Scotland. He loves the cock. He will never get laid.
by you know November 19, 2003
from hot shit to black shit
I scorched my couch with a lighter
by You know April 12, 2005
When shira is angry.
She kicks and punches... usaly ending up a wet cat
Shira got all wet cat on me....
by you know March 07, 2005
when guys use the cover of playing poker
so what are you doing tonight?
o...im just chillin with the boys, ya know PLAYING POKER (ie circle jerking)
by you know March 19, 2005
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