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1 definition by You Heard It From Me

1) A person that suffers from the sleeping disorder insomnia
2) Green Day's fourth LP, released after Dookie. A spectacular album that's as underrated as Dookie is overrated. Insomniac does not completely have the fun, don't-give-a-fuck-about-the world sound that Dookie does (for example : track no. 8, Panic Song, is about bassist Mike Dirnt's panic attacks)
This album should be owned (or listened to) by anyone that considers themself a Green Day fan. You won't be disappointed. If Insomniac isn't as good as Dookie then it's better.
And this is coming from someone who's favorite Green Day album is Dookie.
Recommended tracks on Insomniac are #9 and #14.
by You Heard It From Me August 23, 2006