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A man whose only talent can be described as "showmanship", yet somehow this allowed him to finish fourth on America's Got Talent. Known for excessive makeup and an extremely flamboyant, forced personality.

In one sentence, he's the worst thing to happen to the Northern Hemisphere, including 9/11 and World War II.
Person A: "Hey I was watching America's Got Talent and can't believe Prince Poppycock didn't win."

Person B: "Why? He has no definable talent. The show is called America's Got Talent."

Person A: "You don't understand, you must not like him because he's gay."

Person B: "You only like him because he's gay."

Person A: "Well seeing as I am a young impressionable, insecure teenage girl...you are probably correct."
by You Dislike My Definition October 24, 2010

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