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A still-popular and still-running television show which used to be absolutely hilarious but is now just another plotless, clichéd and failed attempt at humor. Ever since a new wave of incompetent writers entered the scene, The Simpsons have declined significantly in quality, often trading the signature intelligent humour for attempts at emulating short attention-span shows such as Family Guy, which results in shocking tastelessness and disgust from ex-fans.
The Simspons has become a rather controversial topic due to its deteriorating quality. Back when Matt Groening was the writer, The Simpsons was a satirical comedy of smalltown USA life with actual themes and witty storylines. New episodes frequently revolve around celebrity appearances, which only emphasizes the sad lack of ideas, morals and plots. Homer is now portrayed as a complete idiot and the plots are ridiculous and far-fetched in a stupid way. The most recent seasons have no memorable quotes to speak of and are full of improbable plot spinners. If The Simpsons had any decency, they would have stopped the show long ago rather than tarnish their own name.
classic quote from old episode of "The Simpsons":
"The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. To obtain a special dialing wand, please mash the key pad with your palm, now."

audience: outrageous!

new episode quote:
(homer throws pudding at Lenny)
Lenny: Ow, my eye! I'm not supposed to get pudding in it!
Mr. Burns: Ahaha, that was capital! My lung is aching.
Homer: I like when I throw the pudding.
Mr. Burns: Do it again.
Homer: You're the boss! (he hurls the pudding)
Lenny: Ow! I'm in hell!

audience: *blank stare*
that's not funny.
by You Can Say No! August 02, 2006

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