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The Random House College Dictionary says:
1. Violation by a subject of his allegiance to his sovereign or to the state; high treason
2. U.S. such a violation directed against the United States, and consisting of only levying war against the U.S. or in adhering to its enemies or giving them aid and comfort

Going by definition, people of the United States are committing treason for wishing their country to lose in the Iraq War. And while it may be a necessary war in the eyes of many, it is not a good reason to root for the enemy where if victorious, will bring consequences to one's self and his countrymen.

America is lenient towards such actions defined as treason for the right of freedom of speech, a right many countries do not have the privilege to.
"America sucks! We should lose this war and let the poor Iraqi people be!"

"Back before America came, those people and their families would be killed for saying something like that. This country we live in is kind for letting its people commit acts that could be defined as 'treason' across the globe."

"America still is terrible and George Bush is an idiot!"

"Yes, because we all know that the leader of a country represents ALL of the country's people..."
A term used to describe citizens of the country "America" (Shortened from "The United States of America")

On a less objective angle... An American (From the country America. Yes, while it can technically be used to describe those on the continents on the western hemisphere, no one else uses the term, therefore, it is fair to say) is someone who supports their country.

And no, that does not mean agreeing with everything the government says or does (It's doubtable that any average citizen around the world agrees with their government completely) but to call one's self a citizen of a country, commiting acts of treason make such a statement questionable.

While the United States is lenient on letting its people badmouth and wish for their country's loss, demoralizing the troops who are working so hard for their country and to liberate the innocent people of the Middle East, it is hard to call someone an American when that person is embarrassed to even be part of The U.S.

No, being patriotic is not being prejudice (Although, I personally believe that everyone is prejudiced in one way or another, such as 'my mother is better than yours'). By definition, it is the pride in one's country. If you hate your country so much, instead of rant about it, why not do something, or better yet, leave. But I digress.

Sorry to say this, but it's just not good enough to have legal papers to be a citizen of a country. At least have some sense of loyalty, eh? Like, I don't know... not making Iraq another Vietnam where we lose because of loss of support of the people and thousands of civilians died.
"I hate America! I hope we fail miserably!"
"But... you said you're an American."
"I am! I was born here!"
"But you want your country to fail and destroy the livelihoods of you and your countrymen?"
"Um, why?"
"Because George Bush sucks and we deserve it!"
"Then go to Venezuela and support Hugo Chavez and so South America can be united under one dicator..."

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