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Evil Genius
One of the writers for Doctor Who and Sherlock on the BBC.
Enjoys tormenting his fans with twists, cliffhangers, and long waits between seasons.
Frequently blamed for the heartbreak fans experience from his shows.
Show ends with a terrible cliffhanger: This show is totally pulling a Steven Moffat!

Sherlock fan: Now I have to wait a year for the torment to end. Why does Steven Moffat torment me so? *shakes fist at air* Moffat!
by You'll never guess March 20, 2012
Girl with Boy-Like features, Wierdo that doesn't like the cack,

Nicknames : Whore-crack, Ball-Sack, Loser
I snuck into the girls locker room, and this girl took off her clothes. At first i was excited, but then i thought i was mistakenly in the guys room. The girl was a total Borzak! I mean she had a cack and everything! Yidiot!
by You'll Never Guess October 24, 2004
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