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The best fast food rap in the world, (I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce, don't be frontin' son, no seeds on the bun, we be up in this drive through order for two, I gots a cravin' for a number nine like my shoe. We need some chicken up in here, in this dizzle, forizzle my nizzle extra salt on the frizzles. Dr.Pepper my brother, and another for your mother. Double double super-size and don't forget the fries.) Usually confuses drive through operators and can get them very annoyed. Best drive through joke since, "and then?". This rap will only be succesfull at a McDonalds and not any other fast food restaraunt.
Person 1: "Hey I heard Nick did the Big Mac Rap at McDonalds the other day."
Person 2: "I hope the manager didn't shoot him."
by Yosneaky March 09, 2008
The famous phrase from Not Another Teen Movie. Usually works best when three black people use the phrase and not white wannabees.
White Guy: "damn, shit, that is wack!"
Black Guy 1: "damn you're ugly."
Black Guy 2: "shit you're stupid."
Black Guy 3: "that was wack."
by Yosneaky March 10, 2008
A clean version of every cuss word known to man. If there are adults within ear shot of you while you feel like using profanity, say sfoof.
Person 1: "Hey i just peed in you're hat."
Person 2: "You son of a sfoof!"


Person 1: "Dude you have a MILS."
Person 2: "What's that?"
Person 1: "A mother I'd like to sfoof!"
Person 2: "Oh hell no you mother sfoofer!"
by Yosneaky March 10, 2008
1)The thirteenth president of the United States Teddy Roosevelt.
2)The best school in Washington. It is ten times better than Stevens Middle School.
Person 1: "Hey i think I'm gonna go to Stevens this year!"
Person 2: "I wouldn't if i was you, i hear they actually give you homework at Stevens. Roosevelt is the place to go!"
Person 1: "Oh thanks for the warning!"
by Yosneaky March 09, 2008
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