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3 definitions by YoshiGameMaker

The greatest character ever. They eat fruits, are used to carry Mario and babys. Yoshis are dinosaurs that have big tounges that they use to swallow enemies. They come in many colors, though the main color of Yoshi is Green. Yoshi's first appearance was in the 1990 video game Super Mario World. It then came to star in the 1995 sequel Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. He is now in many Mario video games. He then came to star in the so-called "Yoshi's Island 2" which is really called Yoshi's Story in 1998 which was his debut for the Nintendo 64.
Man 1: Yoshi is my favorite Mario character!!
by YoshiGameMaker July 15, 2009
A very famous video game from 1996. It is often named "The greatest video game of all time". It was the first video game to have 3-d graphics. It is very unique and they had nothing to base it off of. As far as the game plot goes, Peach calls Mario to her castle for cake but Bowser kidnaps her and seals the star power inside these paintings that you must jump into. You will need to collect 80 stars to save Peach and watch the ending sequence but if you collect all 120 stars, the cannon outside the castle will open and you can blast yourself to the castle roof and you will meet Yoshi there. If you talk to him, he will reward you by congratulating you for completeing fun although at the end of the message, its says "The Super Mario 64 Team". He then rewards you with 100 lives and jumps off the roof. There is a total of 15 paintings and you must collect certain numbeers of stars to open each and some require keys. You can get keys by beating bowser in 3 places.
Man 1: Did you play Super Mario 64 yet?

Man 2: Yeah. Its too awesome!
by YoshiGameMaker July 15, 2009
Said in the song "I Got A Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. Means good luck,congragulations,cheers. It is a friendly term.
Black Eyed Peas- Fill up my cup. Mazal Tov.
by YoshiGameMaker July 15, 2009