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aaron edwards

known as meronf
mernof: i like men
Yoshi: Stfu troobie
by Yoshi July 15, 2004
A dialect of the english language, with no heed to the letter s, and various other pronunciation flaws eg. Multiply instead of, multiple.
The ones on top are one pages stories, while the ones on the bottom have multiply chapters in them.

That the worst idea ever, 984.

Shouldn't be coming back soon? (no ref as to who they are reffering to.)

Speaking of bad shrines, what happen to Rirse? (no s)

by Yoshi November 04, 2003
Originated from the phrase "Psyche Not" or.. Pysche Nah. Used to say you're just kidding.
Your face hurts my feelings, psynah. :p
by Yoshi February 26, 2005
aka ya muva
ya muva eagle man
by Yoshi February 25, 2004
A very ugly girl. Resembling the looks of a beat up or unsightly prostitute -- only lacking that job title.
Man-- that girl is monked.

guy1: "You see that girl?"
guy2: "yeah man -- monked"
by yoshi March 21, 2004
one of the many ways to express pleasure during sexual activities. good for explaining your actions afterwards.
person1: errr schwank schwank... eee-rr eee-rr owwww!
person2: dilililoop! dingdong!
by yoshi February 27, 2004
see fubared
Oh shit Macaulay Culkin is totally fubar'd
by Yoshi August 23, 2003

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