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noun/verb - when you try to have a stern (serious) face but you are just horrible at it and have a bit of a smirk on your face still. Basically a stern look combined with a smirk, smern.
You totally just smerned at me bro.

You tried to make a serious face at me but instead just a smern was produced.

Bro, why are you totally smerning at me right now?
#smirk #stern #serious #blank #emotionless #grin
by Yorky York July 27, 2011
noun - to be feeling sick or down, not feeling so hot.
Carlos: Bro did you hear about kyle last night?

Chris: Nah man what happened?

Carlos: Heard he drank too much and passed out.

Chris: Damn he'll for sure be feeling chuecs when he wakes up then.

Carlos: Simon.
#sick #horrible #bad #miserable #terrible
by Yorky York February 07, 2011
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