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Dimism: Noun. Dim'-ism. Etymology: Dim - Greek slang for Dimworth. Ism - applying a particular trait of...

Definition: To scrounge, blag, or be unbelievably tight-arsed and be proud to tell people about it.

USAGE: "Have you heard the latest Dimism" "Even I can't believe this Dimism he told me the other day"

1. He blagged a very very expensive hotel in Paris on the weekend as part of his "business." The concierge told him after the first night of blaggery that he had only been booked in for one night. The PR person said he could stay in his room for the other night at a reduced rate, but he went on their internet and booked a 20 Euro a night hostel instead

2. He is planning his leaving date for Friday November 3rd, but he realised that if he left the Monday after, he would get paid for the weekend.
by Yoric August 23, 2006
The inevitable dog that accompanies a chav. The dog is likely to be a Pitt Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler or anything that will attack a child under the age of 5. Chog is an amalgamation of the words 'Chav' and 'Dog'.
Look at that chav over there in the burberry cap, I bet his chog would take yer leg off.
by Yoric September 07, 2009
Dressing up as a female smurf without any underwear and parading round foreign countries flashing your ball bag to unsuspecting Scandinavians while singing karaoke.
Will went smurfing at the weekend, it was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

I just saw Rutter smurfing to a crowd in a park in Sweden, they couldn't get enough of his hairy bollox.
by Yoric September 25, 2006

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