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2 definitions by Yoo657

You can spell it out our just pronounce it the way it is. This stands for the saying ”what u talking about willis,” from the show Diff'rent Strokes. It was usually said by Arnold (Gary Coleman) to Willis Jackson (Todd bridges).
Ben: Hey Dan remember when we went to vegas and went to every strip club in the city, that was fun!
Dan: What u talking about willis? (Wutaw)
Debbie(Dans girlfriend): Yes Ben please give more detail about what happened so Dan can remember...
Dan: I am in trouble ain't i?
Debbie: Ya think
by Yoo657 December 27, 2011
This is when a person brings balloons for their freinds birthday to school, and other people start to telling them ”happy birthday” just because they are carrying balloons.
Patrick: happy birthday!
Wutaw: its not my birthday, these are for my friend.
(awkward pause)
Patrick: oh sorry I didn't know you were carrying awkward balloons.
by Yoo657 December 21, 2011