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Otherwise known as chatspeak, a process of shortening words and replacing letters with different letters and/or symbols to supposedly make the typing process shorter. Lacks proper punctuation and capitalization. Hard to understand and a sign of idiocy when used heavily, but sometimes useful when in a hurry or text messaging.
Stupid: LYKE ONG!!!ONEONE11!!

i g2g to da stor 2day c ya l8er LOLZ

i @m 5o 1337 i pwn joo

Useful: Uh oh, I have to go answer the phone. BRB.
by Yonnie October 24, 2004
The word some call orchestra, when they are jealous and need some way to let out their pent-up rage at not having musical talent.

Or to make fun of orchestra people.
P1:Haha! You're in DORKestra.
P2:HAHA you're a moron.
by Yonnie December 08, 2004
A spoof of the online cartoon "Salad Fingers", the main character is Banana fingers. Another character is Hubert Cucumberdale, spoof of Hubert Cumberdale.
"You taste delicious. You taste fantastic! You taste like popcorn."-Banana Fingers
by Yonnie December 08, 2004
Kick Ass Funny, in chatspeak.
Person 1: I fell down the stairs.
Person 2: Omg! KAF!
by Yonnie October 20, 2004
A new add-on to the ever so classic burn list. It now goes like this:
your face
your mom
your mom's face
your mom's face on a good day
your neighbors dog
you are my neighbor's dog

random, yes. stupid, yes. fun to use to piss people off? yes.
p1: You are a fat stupid hobo.
p2: You are my neighbors dog. OHHHHH
by Yonnie May 05, 2005
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