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A motorist who engages in any number of dilatory driving techniques that recklessly slow down traffic, including but not limited to: driving below the speed limit, slowing down more than once on a city block while looking for a parking spot, waiting for a pedestrian to finish traversing the entire walkway before turning, or remaining stopped after a light turns green. Sunday drivers often claim to be driving defensively but in fact their driving is offensive and aggitates normal commuters.
Sorry I'm late, but these sunday drivers slowed me down. </p>
I don't support the death penalty, but would make an exception for Sunday drivers.</p>
Traffic in West Coast cities is exacerbated by the widespread phenomenon of Sunday drivers.
by Yonaton September 16, 2007
n. The feeling one has after deliberately eating a meal at McDonalds or another fast food establishment despite the highly fattening content of such meals. Like McGuilt, McRegret occurs in persons who ate fast food but wish that they had not. However, persons experiencing McGuilt are concerned about the social ills of McDonalds as a corporation, while persons experiencing McRegret are simply concerned that they are getting fat.
I had a bad case of McRegret after breaking my diet with a Big Mac Combo and a sundae; I think I'm gonna fast tomorrow to make up for it.
by Yonaton February 18, 2008

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