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5 definitions by Yonasu

What you get from taking roids
if Steroids = true
Funny Balls = true
by Yonasu May 23, 2008
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An offspring of the MySpace generation.

The Homo Sapiens Retardus is, in short, a mentally challenged (self-centered) and/or physically challenged (collar popping) individual. They are usually frowned upon by other members of the Homo genus.
Michael cannot get a passport because he is listed as a 'Homo Sapiens Retardus' in the citizen-register.
by Yonasu August 17, 2008
20 6
To high-five your reflection in a mirror.
"Just Think about it; there's only a thin sheet of glass seperating you from your best friend."

Mirror Five.
by Yonasu November 18, 2008
6 1
- Mix of the words 'ghetto' and 'spastic', meaning someone whom believes one is ghetto and/or gangsta but in reality is a retard.

- To be gangsta livin' in da hood AKA da ghetto.
"Man, that Jimmy person is a real ghettoistic!"

"Dawg, I be ghettoistic, foo'!"
by Yonasu June 28, 2008
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A verb -

To seriousize

Present tense:

I am seriousizing
You are seriousizing
He/She/It is seriousizing
We are seriousizing
You are seriousizing
They are seriousizing

Past Tense:

I serious'd
You serious'd
He/She/It serious'd
We serious'd
You serious'd
They serious'd

It is what you do when you need to look serious. You serious.
"Jim was laughing, but then he serious'd because his mum came in."

"Could you guys seriousize a bit?"

"Yo dawg, us street-ghettoistics be seriousizing!"

"To seriousize. Or not to seriousize. That is the question."
by Yonasu June 28, 2008
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