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1. A scolding technique used by TRUE pimps who would rather punch a bitch than slap a bitch.
2. If a hoe (that prostitutes under his/her respective pimp) tries to get feisty and/or doesn't pay his/her pimp taxes, the pimp then has the authority to pimp-punch them.

(Women can also be pimps.)
Mike: "Yo, did dat bitch run off wit yo chedda?"
Pimp ABC: "Hell naw. I straight up pimp-punched dat hoe."
by Yonas One March 19, 2008
1. The money or revenue that a hoe owes to his/her respective pimp.
2. (This happens most often with women) A person who "taxes" their friend(s)/stalker(s)/lover(s) for hanging out with them/being seen with them. This usually happens when one person likes the other but the feelings aren't mutual. Thus, the person who is being pursued uses the other person to his/her advantage; most likely collecting money or gifts from them.

(A true pimp never files his/her own pimp taxes.)
Pimp ABC: "I did a pimp stroll over to the hoe that owed me some chedda. She was holdin' back so I pimp-punched the bitch and collected my pimp tax."
by Yonas One March 19, 2008

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