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A phrase used to describe a female - who although is heavier than most - makes up for it with good looks, exquisite curves, and a phenomenal tits - to - ass ratio.
"Damnnnn man, did you see Julia wearing those booty shorts today?"
"Hell yeah! How could I miss a thick bitch like her?"
by Yoloswag4jesus69 April 10, 2015
Not as good as previously thought, not meeting expectations, falling short, lukewarm
Guy 1: "Dude lets not get Dr. Pepper it's too expensive, get the store brand"
Guy 2: "Shut up bro that stuff is way too lycrisol to drink, it's too watered-down"
by Yoloswag4jesus69 July 25, 2011
Similar to calling shotgun or Rosa Parks, however it is the seat behind the shotgun. Too soon?
"I call Rosa Parks!"
"Damn, looks like I'm Calling Kurt Cobain then."
by Yoloswag4jesus69 March 25, 2013
An approximate mathematical formula used to compare and contrast the size of a woman's breasts to the size of her ass. Typically if one is bigger than the other, the woman in question has a skewed or poor tits- to- ass ratio - If the two are relatively proportional, then she has an ideal tits- to- ass ratio. In some cases, the formula can be trivialized when the woman's good looks outweighs both of those factors.
"Sarah's got them titties tho"
"Yeah but her tits-to-ass ratio is all off, man"
by Yoloswag4jesus69 April 10, 2015

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