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1 definition by Yolandaaa

an IV heroin junkie who mutulates their own body for craved attention, is very promiscuous and mentally ILL. Robs their own family and friends to support the said habits and runs from place to place like a gypsy, only they hold NO spiritual calling or following. Among using other substances including alcohol, crack, RX pills, dope, methadone, etc) they are generally infected with Hepatitis C virus an/or other more serious and contagious diseases (such as SSD; sudden suicidal desires) or SHC (sudden homicidal craving).
i knew a guy once. he was thin, frail and spoke softly. he made many think he was kind and true, but he ended up pulling a true Kosta move and disrespecting to the utmost possibility; not only his own self, but the ones he had foolishly led into his trap.
by Yolandaaa May 13, 2007